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Hi my name is Desirée, I love read, bands, unicorns, skins, sirens, models, lions, flowers, youtubers... Thanks for visit my blog ✌️😊💕


posted hace 15 horas on Viernes
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posted hace 15 horas on Viernes
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if u strive for what u want, u could be the next paramore of fall out boy. or the slightly worse version of them cuz lets face it, no one is as awesome as them.
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Reading Fest 2014 en We Heart It.
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Anónimo: Si tuvieras que elegir tu favorito de paramore quien seria? 

Pues, me ENCANTA esta banda amo a Hayley y a Taylor, pero quizá sería Jeremy. 👌💞✨

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Anónimo: Hola, soy de Mexico. Cual es tu Banda favoritas? 

No tengo una favoritas porque me gustan MUCHAS. 💀💀

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